Hmmn.. a potential idea

The late night meanderings on eBay and social media sometimes can lead to ideas.

I was buying some belt buckles (to fix a broken backpack) and for some reason, there was a link to a pump.. so I looked at it. ( )

Then  got to thinking about what I could use a pump for. Hmmn.. an automated watering system would be nice.

But how to power it??? Ahh.. solar!

OK. yet to purchase but have idea for a water submersible water pump and how to power it. I have a solution, but what is the ‘problem’ I need it for? A hydroponic/aquaponic garden of course!

Queue the youtube searches wherein I settled on this idea – complete with links to a dropbox PDF file on what you need and how to make it –

Now all I need is the free time and inclination to do it.. Watch this space!

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