Wood Badge Project

and so, finally, it’s done.

My chosen wood badge (advanced scouting leader training for the initiated) was around the theme of tracking badgework.

Specifically I chose to create colour wall charts on badge completion for the Joey, Cub, Scout and Venturer sections.

These are freely available for any scouter to use. Well, actually, for ANYBODY to use according the the Creative Commons license but they’re probably of no use to anyone except a scouter.

You’ll find them in a single ZipFile located at http://www.moxey.net.au/WoodBadge/

Enjoy 🙂

One thought on “Wood Badge Project”

  1. I’ve been asked how these will work with all the current discussions around YPR and potential for ‘lifelong’ badgework.
    Honestly – I don’t know yet.,as I don’t know exactly how that will all work….
    Chances are though I’ll do something similar if/when those changes are implemented.

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